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October 7, 2010

That’s what I call a brain teaser

by Isadora

This morning I was surprised to find the status update of a discreet, classy and Czech friend saying ‘I like it on my desk”. TMI? Or maybe another case of Facebook rape, when somebody finds your laptop unattended and posts something embarrassing on your Facebook status, only for you to find out hours late when all your friends and your boss have already seen it.

But later on a kind soul looped me in on this… Ah, just a little stunt to get people talking and supporting a great cause. That sounds like fun.

The thing is, not everybody will get the memo on time. And until everybody figures out what’s going on, would you want some relative/neighbor/co-worker  getting a lively mental picture of you, your side table, or any piece of furniture for that matter. Thanks, but no thanks.